Body Positivity Influencer, Aarti Bajpai launches “Moonshine Grooming Classes” in Delhi

Body positivity influencer, Aarti Bajpai launches her own grooming classes with the name of “Moonshine Grooming classes” in Delhi and is directing a pageant supporting women empowerment & Child Support with a name of “Grandeur Mr, Ms & Mrs Delhi 2021 in the month of April.

Aarti Bajpai is a corporate trainer by profession and have experience of 10 years. She is now a Plus size model, Social activist, Motivation speaker and Concept designer.

Aarti Bajpai
Aarti Bajpai

The purpose to have this grooming classes is to make the plus size people for all aspiring youngsters or anyone who wanted to a remarkable name in the fashion industry or anywhere because as we all know that in today’s world it’s all about how well a person is presenting themselves in front of everyone, be it any industry. Communication is the key to success and knowing how well we should carry to leave impression in front of your audience.

We tend to forget that for millennia, for a woman to even survive in society, an entire set of ‘Good Girl’ behaviours was necessary: accommodation, harmonization, pretending your low maintenance to be marriageable. A Good Girl has no outrageous desires. She makes no big asks.

She is perfectly and expertly trained to maintain the status quo, without ruffling a single feather. Left to run on autopilot, this Good Girl conditioning will convince you of 101 reasons why you can’t ask, why you don’t deserve what you want to ask for, and why it’s better and more convenient for everyone for you to just go it alone. But going it alone is not power, it is avoidance masked in romanticized individualism. You can’t be powerful in isolation.

Because power is relational. You are powerful when you have powerful relationships where what you give is valued and what you receive is exactly what you want.

Commenting on this Aarti Bajpai, Body Positivity Influencer- Moonshine Glooming Classes said, “I strongly believe: The greatest obstacle that comes between a woman and the things she most wants in life is the prohibition against desire and asking.

I never thought of being model to be very honest but in 2018 November when I saw an advertisement of Plus size beauty pageant it clicked me that let’s do it. And from their when I got selected in Ms. India Curvy pageant, I got the real confidence that Beauty comes in all shape, size, and colour. I truly believe that Beauty cannot be defined because God has made everyone beautiful.”

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