Modi Government has surrendered India’s strategic interests to China and woefully compromised National Security.

Modi Government has surrendered India’s strategic interests to China and woefully compromised
National Security. It has been widely reported now in the media that China has refused to pull
back its troops from Hot Springs, Gogra and the Indian Territory at Depsang plains, during the
last round of Corps Commander-level talks held on 9th April 2021.

Defence Minister, Shri Rajnath Singh on the floor of the Parliament on 13th February 2021, had stated
that “remaining friction points, including the strategic Depsang Plains, would be taken up for
discussion in the next round of military talks, within 24 hour”. China is ‘reported’ to have gone back
on its assurances and reportedly asserted that ‘India should be happy of what it has achieved’. This is
nothing, but, an attack on India’s territorial integrity.

Based on the statement made by the Defence Ministry dated 12th February; the Congress party had
asked several key questions to the Modi Government, strongly underlining the ‘Operation Cover-up’ by
the BJP and its weak-kneed leadership that India doesn’t deserve.Media reports now reveal that at
Patrolling Point 15 and Patrolling Point-17A in Hot Springs and Gogra Post, the Chinese PLA is
‘much inside the Indian territory’.

Why has the Modi Government relinquished India’s National Interests and let down our Armed
Forces? Will the Modi Government come clean and tell the truth to the people of India :-

  1. If Defence Minister, Shri Rajnath Singh had categorically mentioned in Parliament that India has not
    ceded any territory to China. Why has the issue regarding Hot Springs, Gogra Posts and
    Depsang Plains not been resolved in the last military level talks?
    Why has the disengagement talks as promised by the Defence Minister on “remaining friction
    points”(sic) not yielded any results for India?
  2. Is it not a fact that Modi Government’s decision to withdraw our troops from PP-14 in Galwan
    Valley and subsequent creation of buffer territory in that area has landed India in a
    disadvantageous position to the benefit of China in Hot Springs, Gogra Posts and Depsang
    Plains ?
  3. Paragraph 8of Defence Ministry’s statement dated 12th February had described Gogra Posts & Hot
    Springs’ as ‘Outstanding Problems’, while in reality ‘Gogra & Hot Springs’ is India’s territory. Does
    the fresh revelations now not cement the charge that Modi Government has virtually given up
    our claims on these strategic points?
  1. One of the most strategic and provocative incursions into the Indian territory by Chinese is in
    ‘Depsang Plains’. Chinese have occupied our territory 18 kilometers inside the LAC upto Y-Junction
    (bottleneck). This has also jeopardized one of the most important and strategically placed Air Strips
    i.e. DBO Air Strip (DBO-Daulat Beg Oldi).Why has Modi Government given up India’s claims
    on the Depsang Plains, in the recently concluded talks ?
  2. In February, Modi Government had agreed to withdraw Indian Armed Forces from dominant
    positions in ‘Kailash Ranges’ (Southern Bank, Pangong Tso Lake Area), where the Chinese are at a
    disadvantage, without any quid pro quo by China.Why has Modi Government committed this
    unpardonable compromise with our National Security vis-a-vis our dominant positions in
    Kailash Ranges?
    The country is seeking answers as to when will the Modi Governmenttake action to restore
    ‘Status Quo Ante’ as on April 2020, specially in Galwan Valley, PangongTso Lake, Depsang
    Plains, Gogra and Hot Springs.
  3. Is it also not true that now China is recruiting Tibetans in the PLA. This is another security
    threat, which the Modi Govt has seemingly ignored. Why did the Modi Govt shelve the ‘Mountain
    Strike Corps’ implemented by the Congress-UPA Govt along the China border with 90,274
    additional soldiers at a cost of Rs 64,678 Crore?
  4. PM Modi has in the past claimed that ‘no one entered our territory’ and had given a clean chit
    to China, by refusing to name it; even though 20 Indian soldiers were martyred in the Galwan
    valley. Has this not emboldened China to arm-twist India and lowered the morale of our Armed
    While at the moment India is engaged in an internal battle of worst kind in fighting COVID-19 due
    to BJP Government’s apathy& ill preparedness, the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi hasleft the
    country vulnerable on yet another front by severely surrendering our interests on international
    How does the Modi Government plan to ensure the status quo ante as on April 2020? After the
    failure of the military talks with China and compromising our territorial integrity, what plan
    does the Modi Government have to take back our territory from China? PM Modi must

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