The situation in small towns and villages are worsening by the day. With few testing facilities, minimal healthcare centres and resource crunch, people continue to suffer. The worst part is, it remains uncounted. In these challenging times, many of us have been unable to procure some basic healthcare services after testing Covid positive, even if we had the resources and means to afford them.

If this is the case with us, think about those underprivileged and homeless habitants of the small towns and villages. Centre of healing put their foots forward to help the people during this pandemic. This organization promotes the cause of education amongst unprivileged children. The people behind the Centre of healing organization have envision children and women to be the building blocks of the future.

Centre of healing helps the needy people during this Pandemic. A girl who lives in Bal vihar said that she demanded for Personal Protective Equipments. Centre of healing provided her and also helped other people of Bal vihar. The girl was very thankful to Centre of Healing for their contribution. During this pandemic many people are facing problems. The condition is becoming worse since the lockdown has begun.

With no money and no food people are in worse situation. Centre of healing organization is extending their support to the marginalized, by assuring that their team workers stand at the first line of the defense. These activities involve the distribution of Ration Relief kits, Cooked Meals, Personal Protect etc. all across.

Ms. Swati Sawhney, Founding Member – Centre of healing said, “We at Centre of Healing are committed to continuing our fight against hunger, so we’re keeping our programmes running through this new crisis. Even with travel restrictions and lockdown, we’re in some of the hardest to reach places ensuring children and their families receive the vital care they need.”

About Centre of Healing: Centre of Healing (COH) was established in 2018 by Swati Sawhney in Delhi. Originally a trade union, COH is now recognized globally. Their main purpose is to strengthen women by giving them identity as informal workers. Beyond that, they try to work on women workers’ rights and to use non-violent methods of demonstrations. And they are more focused on Child Labour and children welfare as they are feeding more then 1000 children yearly.

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