Uplive is a live social streaming app that aims to revolutionize video content production and live chat software, allowing users to make new friends, both locally and globally.

With 200 million registered users and 17 million streamers, it brings people together from different backgrounds and places, providing them with a place to enjoy their shared interests through live streaming, short videos, and messaging. Uplive helpfully translates speech and texts in real-time, enabling users to easily chat with each other even if they speak different languages; it currently supports real-time speech-to-text for 140 languages.

Uplive is also among the first emerging market live social apps to offer 3D, interactive visual effects powered by augmented reality (AR) technology and the first to offer in-app HTML5 games directly integrated with live streaming. Because of these unique and innovative features, Uplive has quickly become the #1 independent global live social platform.

Within the app, there are challenges, contests, and rewards to maintain user engagement. Uplive focuses on premium entertainment content; users can choose from dance, music, comedy, cooking, and other genres to showcase talents and connect with others. Uplive also supports streamers through a streamer training program, which rewards up and coming talent.

Uplive was launched to foster global social connections and reinvent livestreaming. Uplive was created with a wide range of live social features; the app centers around its video-centric features allowing people to come together from different backgrounds and places, providing them with a place to enjoy their shared interests.
One of the biggest challenges faced was educating users on live social etiquette. This is a new medium for connecting, and it doesn’t work to just broadcast. The products were designed to encourage hosts to interact with their audience in new and fun ways.

The app also allows users to make new friends, both locally and globally. Uplive also empowers video social hosts to broadcast to the world, sharing their talents and building connections in real-time with users across the globe.
The thing that differentiates Uplive from the other apps is that it was the first live social platform to include HTML5 games integrated directly in the app.

It was the first live social app to release real-time voice-based translation.
The Indian market has responded positively to Uplive. The great opportunity was to connect people across India and around the world. Uplive’s business model is based on retaining and monetizing. The engaged users are retained through live social features and content (e.g., group streaming, curated broadcasters, UGC broadcasters, Vertical content such as games).

We monetize through a mix of services, including gifting, subscriptions, games, etc.
Uplive is an entertainment platform for users to chat about their daily life and their favorite hobbies and interests. Hosts can use their many talents and provide a fun show for fans to join. Once users try out the app, Uplive’s welcoming community and exciting content keep them coming back and interacting with their favorite hosts.

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