August 2021: The Covid-19 pandemic had a devastating impact on the education industry. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic class 10th and 12th results were based on averages. Many schools provided higher than normal marks to their students – a fact confirmed by the sudden jump in averages. Due to the adopted marking system board results have lost relevance as a tool to differentiate the true outliers. It has also left the majority of the students dissatisfied. 

This has left thousands of institutes puzzled as to how they will identify the brightest students based on Board marks. The reason being Institutes need a system to assess, identify, and admit deserving candidates. The only viable, accurate and feasible solution left with the good institutes is to conduct fair online proctored exams from remote locations to select deserving students. 

 The new criteria for admissions in top institutes must be based on an online entrance examination with an online proctoring system which can be taken by students from a place of their choice.  The online proctored exams ensure exam security with good speed, accuracy, reliability, fair exams and choosing deserving candidates based on their performance.

Learning Spiral is a leading online examination solution provider for online assessments, exams for universities, Recruitment bodies etc. Learning Spiral combines several well-known technologies with Online Examination system like Remote Proctoring, Secure Browsing, Remote Candidate Authentication, Data Encryption during transit, and Record and Review Proctoring, etc. These technologies have become a popular digital solution for holding credible online assessments with automated and live violations monitoring. 

 Recently, Learning Spiral conducted online admission entrance examinations for two prestigious universities:  FRI (Forest Research Institute) and Anurag University (one of the most prestigious universities in Telangana). During the entrance examinations, more than 15,000 deserving candidates were assessed and the truly deserving ones were admitted for various courses. 

Learning Spiral offers services and solutions geared towards the effective management of applicants and an online examination system.  Their online examination solution powers online assessments, examinations for 40+ universities & 1000+ institutes.  Their products can help meet your needs for a Digital transformation of the way you manage student, academic & examination processes. 

Commenting on the same Mr Manish Mohta, Managing Director- Learning Spiral said, “Institutes of eminence need to adopt an online proctoring-based examination system to assess, identify & admit deserving candidates. Remote proctored exams are becoming the new normal to manage entrance examinations for many prestigious institutes.  This is a trend which is likely to continue in the future. AI-enabled remote proctoring is now a key focus area for us and we see tremendous potential in this sector for our solutions and services”. 

 Mr. Manish Mohta
Mr. Manish Mohta

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