Does the plus-size community lack a voice in the industry?

It’s no secret that the plus-size community has long struggled to meet the fashion industry’s needs, being denied trend-forward clothing and being excluded from editorials and catwalk shows.

The plus-size community has often questioned why they are disregarded by major fashion designers, and you may be wondering why we have developed an obsession with plus-size things from high-end designers while overlooking modern manufacturers. Additionally, we should include all of the new,

specialized plus-size firms that have increased access to the highest levels of fashion through stores and e-commerce sites, such as Not Size Zero, India’s largest plus-size couture fashion company.

Plus-size models Jeesha Chawdhary have collaborated with Not Size Zero founder and brand strategist Somwya Sharma.

Commenting on the same Somwya Sharma said, ”​​Not size zero is yet facing an issue in terms of making plus size women know what clothing will suit them according to their body shape.”

When a plus-size woman enters a branded store, she is frequently overlooked since it is difficult to change how society views and perceives her.

Whether she chooses to ignore, upend, or internalize stereotypes is up to her. Although We are still working toward a society in which everyone can simply be.

While the rest of the world is busy sharing makeup tutorials on social media, Sameera Reddy continues to share her opinions on body positivity, self-love, and remaining active and healthy while flaunting her unfiltered look, which is pretty unusual in the age of filters. She ​urged people to be forgiving and supportive of their bodies, stating that she, too, has struggled with self-acceptance but is now wholly accepting of who she is.

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