Revolution in the Cafe culture post-pandemic

As the pandemic cast its gloomy clouds in the evil skies and thwart every human endeavour. The unlock phase and opening up of cafes and restaurants- albeit with precautions glows as a silver lining.

As The Atlantic’s science writer Ed Yong recently wrote, “We must stop thinking of the lockdown as a blip after which life will go back to normal. Instead, we must prepare to find the new normal. Long-term changes will have to be made as to how we live, behave and, yes, socialize over food and drink”.

With several outlets opening in the town, it becomes a tedious task to choose. These themed cafes can fascinate you beyond belief. They have a vibe that transports you to another world. For a moment you start observing the world differently and then capture those observations in your lyrical style.

Wondered how a zombie-themed cafe might be? Well yes, you read it right- A Zombie themed cafe and that too in the heart of the city. It will leave you spellbound with the interiors which are chic and exquisitely aligned with the zombie theme. The atmosphere of the restaurant is unpretentious and elegant which would envisage catering to the customers with open arms.

With a wide variety of cuisines ranging from Continental, Asian, and mouth wandering Indian food. Dr Zombie is a top-notch cafe that will leave you with a very different yet finger-licking culinary experience. With the menu being pocket-friendly they have made it easy for a customer to be a customer. 
Indisputably it is a cafe to be explored as it is more than being just a theme cafe.

The Zombie-themed restaurant is a creation of Chef Govind, Managing Partner and Executive Chef at Dr. Zombie previously known to have worked with luxury hospitality brands such as Shangri-la Pullman and Novotel. Qualified in hotel management from Dehradun his key strengths include innovation and creativity.

His favourite hobby includes presenting his very own exceptional dishes for his guests and colleagues. His expertise and accolades will contribute to the growth journey of Zombie to other parts of the country and abroad.

His interpersonal skills and positive attitude act as a bonus to his incredible persona. Not to forget his kind-heartedness which acted as a saviour for the needy amid the pandemic as he contributed food to them. 

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