The evolving landscape of the education industry in 2022

During the past few years of the pandemic, multiple organizations have come up with countless online business plans, one of which is digital learning. In the meantime, schools, colleges, Institutions, and other larger educational bodies have started relying upon online platforms for remote learning. The shift from physical to virtual is the vital business plan people have started investing in.

After this massive digital shift, India has now become the second-largest E-learning market after the US, according to a report by KPMG.
The current scenario of education is experiencing a revolution where technology is playing a vital role.

In the coming years, Ed-tech is going to have a major impact on the education industry. The combination of educational practices and IT tools are enhancing the current state of education. In the education industry, management usually focuses on nothing other than learning but in the last one-year industry saw a drastic change in exam mode.

Many educational bodies have adopted the online mode of examination whereas, some have just promoted their students with flying colors as they acknowledged online as an unfair mode of conducting exams.

Presently, several online platforms are catering exam solutions that routinely deliver more than a million assessments through different modes in a demanding and high-stake environment. These platforms are helping educational bodies across the entire examination cycle to meet the needs for a comprehensive online examination system with world-class disaster recovery, security & scale-ability.

The platforms provide the proctoring solution, software solution, management services, security printing, and outsourced business processes to schools, colleges, universities, recruiters, and educational bodies. These services and solutions help an administrator to conduct online exams from a remote location with the help of remote proctoring. In the era when most tests take place online, online examinations software are helping institutions in even creating question papers with question types, such as long, short, and multiple-choice questions.

Online admission system, Virtual classrooms, personalized learning, Cloud-based Ed-Tech platforms, Block-based coding systems, online examination system & Digital master classes were the major trends of 2021. In the upcoming years also, more new businesses will come up with services to cater to the assessment cycle and deliver 100% secured solutions to the overall education industry.

According to a global remote proctoring market research report, “The size of the global remote proctoring and online invigilation market will exceed $10 billion by 2026”. It will become a vital part of computer learning and computer-based assessment in the coming years. The platform with multiple software solutions enables students to take exams from any part of the world and helps in acquiring knowledge from anywhere remotely.

These platforms are designed to create varieties of exams themselves with smart features and can conduct online exams on a large scale at a single time as these days many students are relying on online courses to acquire knowledge at their convenience.

Authored by Manish Mohta, Managing Director, Learning Spiral


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